For security reasons, you cannot use the Internet Explorer browser to upload a file. Please use a recent version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera to upload your file.


Application Upload System

Why can't I upload my file?

There could be several reasons:

  1. There is no current active mission or the mission has ended.
  2. You are trying to upload a file of a type that is not supported. (Only PDF files are supported)
  3. You are not yet registered or logged in at this website.

Can I apply for more than one Group at a time?

If there is more than one call for a Group open, yes, you can but you will need to upload separately a CV to each application.

What happens to my old CV/application if I upload a new one?

Your latest date/timestamped CV will be considered as the application. You can view your upload history from MY PROFILE, MY CV.

What file types are supported for upload?

Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf), are supported. Other file types will be rejected. All files must be unlocked!

Can other candidates see my Application online at your website?

No, most definitely not. We cannot guarantee absolute safety for the documents posted on this website, but all documents are secured in a place where regular candidates cannot gain access. 

Can I see my own Application online?

No, uploading is final. All Applications will be kept secure until the active mission is over and all applications can be evaluated.

User Profile & Registration

Why can't I change my username?

No, you cannot change it, this is done for security reasons.

I have forgotten my password, can I get it back?

No, you cannot get it back, but you can request to reset your password on the login system.

Active Session & Background Information

Check the Current Call part of this website, it will contain additional links for you to follow, which should answer all questions you might have. If all else fails you can always Contact Us.

How do I know how long the current request for Applications will stay active?

Start and End Date and Time are given at the bottom of the Home page, and on the mission page part of the site.

Where can I find more information about ESA's Earth Explorer missions?

More information about Earth Explorers can be found on ESA's Living Planet website

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